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Austin Young

Guitar and Vocals

  • Austin Young

    Delivering fiery guitar licks and soulful sounds to listeners worldwide, Austin Young has crafted a unique sound and crowd-pleasing experience. With electrifying passion, energy, and stage presence, Austin makes every show personable and memorable to those within earshot. While staying true to traditional Blues elements, Austin has incorporated themes of contemporary Rock, Jazz, and Gospel to make his sound stand out to the large crowds he attracts. Inspired to pick up a guitar by many musicians, including his late father Tim Young, Austin has already produced and released two studio albums full of his original music, Blue as Can Be (2013) and Not So Simple (2016), and has been recognized for several awards in his home state of Colorado such as Best Guitar Player (2012-2015) from the Colorado Blues Society Listeners Choice Awards. When he is without his guitar, Austin enjoys giving back to charities that hold a special place in his heart, including Blue Star Connection and Habitat for Humanity. Driven forward by his passion for the guitar and faith in Christ, Austin is determined to continue his mission of positively impacting others through his music.

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Alex Goldberg


  • Alex Goldberg

    Alex Goldberg started playing the bass almost at the same time he learned to tie his shoes. Beginning in the fourth grade with the upright bass in the school orchestra he has gained experience with all types of generates. Along with Classical, Jazz, Blues, he has a history of performing Reggae/Ska. He credits his ability to hold down a tight groove to his strong foundation in musical education which he continues to pursue at the University of Colorado, Denver. Influenced by Ryan Newman, Ashton "Family Man" Barrett, and Victor Wooten. Alex approaches every show with a genuine love for the music that he creates!

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Forrest Raup


  • Forrest Raup

    Forrest Raup started playing the drums at an early age, on his dad's vintage Ludwig kit. After a few years of taking pointers from his father, listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and shedding in his parents' garage, he started playing in bands with friends then eventually with professional musicians. After attending the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Forrest returned home to Colorado to pursue his truest passion: performing live music. While not playing with the Austin Young Band, he teaches drumming, and plays with Denver-based band, Eldren, as well other local acts.

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Kowan Turner


  • Kowan Turner

    Kowan Turner aka “KT Stixx” from Saint Louis, Missouri started playing drums at the age of 3 and hasn't looked back since. Self-taught musician, Kowan’s musical influences are Dennis chambers, Calvin Rodgers, Tony Royster, and Vinnie Colaiuta to name a few. Kowan has been traveling for 7 years playing national festivals and night clubs around the country and does not look like he is turning back anytime soon.

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