Not So Simple


With an evolving and maturing style, Austin Young is at it again with the release of his brand new album, “Not So Simple”. The album incorporates fresh elements of contemporary blues and rock to deliver a distinctive sound that is not to disappoint! Young’s soulful guitar work is complemented by the driving rhythms of Forrest Raup on the drums and the inspirational bass melodies of Alex Goldberg on twelve diverse, original compositions that will keep the ears and hearts of listeners engaged from the first note. “Not So Simple” is food for the music lover’s soul!

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“Where are all these tyros coming from? Proving his 2013 set, when he was three years younger, was no fluke, this young shredder from Colorado is a white boy with the blues throughout that seems to be guided by the spirits of his late father and SRV. Unable not to play from the heart, the power trio continues to be alive and in good hands. Check it out.”
Chris Spector, Midwest Record


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